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How it works

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In case you’re wondering where the prize money comes from, it’s pretty straight forward…all the adverts on our site pays for the prizes!

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How do I play?

First you have to register and then all you need to do is to check the NZFD website. Every day we’ll send you an email reminder to check the day’s winning raffle(s) on our site before the next raffle is drawn, however you should note that if your reference number is drawn and you don’t claim your prize before the next draw, you miss the opportunity to claim prize and the unclaimed prize money will roll over and be added to the next raffle draw.

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What happens when I win?

When you win a draw you’ll see a ‘claim’ button on your page, after you click that button we will contact you via the email address you registered with to confirm your payment details, as well as your preferred payment option. After this has been confirmed we endeavour to make full payment within 5 working days.

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Past winners

Winning total

₦ 1,500,252.00

05/15/2018 Member Number 3368919355

Winning total

₦ 6,120,052.00

05/15/2018 Member Number 1245190751

Winning total

₦ 1,500,252.00

05/15/2018 Member Number 3118539614

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