5 Tips to Prepare Your Financial First Aid Kit the Smart Way

It is important to have a financial First Aid kit to fall back on. While not all unexpected events are negative, generally, the big ones that affect your financial future tend to be negative surprises. This possibility of unexpected financial hardship means you may need to change the way you think about and handle your

Winning strategies-raffle-draw

Winning strategies: 4 tips to win raffle draws in Nigeria

The premise of any raffle draw is simple: There is a plurality of prizes and you enter a raffle by placing your ticket into that drawing of your choice. A lot of people play to win but often times than not, they don’t win. Now, there is no science to winning raffle draws but there

What is Naija Zone Free Draw and How Does it Work?

Naija Zone Free Draw (NZFD) is a free online raffle draw platform designed to empower Nigerians by providing the opportunity to win money and other valuable prizes. We are also aimed at promoting positivity and productivity for the progress of Nigeria through its content, thereby motivating its users to achieve their life aspirations. Integrity and trust